What do I do??? There are so many Cosmetic makeup lines to choose from?

In this multi billion dollar industry of beauty, it’s really hard to know who to trust and what is the best for your hair, skin and nails. I just recently brought on a new makeup line into my salon. Very excited and talking to everyone about it. I found out quickly that most women did not know the dangers of chemicals which are in 70% to 90% of the cosmetics out there.

When I was looking for a cosmetic line, what was important to me was that young and mature women could use it. And that the ingredients had to the most highest in quality!

So what are some things you have to watch for when choosing a cosmetic line?

* PARABENS This is a major chemical to stay away from. It’s super harmful yet it’s in majority of the cosmetic lines sold. Parabens are preservative chemicals that mimic estrogen, so they wreck havoc on your hormones. Their use is linked to breast cancer and skin cancer.

* TRICLOSAN Commonly found in antibacterial soaps, triclosan is an antimicrobial chemical that is also found in some cosmetics. It’s linked to thyroid issues and has contributed to the rise in antibiotics-resistant superbugs.

* PETROLEUM DISTILLATES Found in mascaras, this ingredient is often combined with cancer causing chemicals. They are produced in the same oil refineries as auto fuel and heating oils.

* TALIC Mix with asbestos, a mineral substance linked to cancer is in over 70% of cosmetic lines out there. Talic has been linked to endometrial and ovarian cancers.

It’s important to know what you are using on your hair, skin and nails. Do your research before you purchase and question your professional on what’s being used. Our health is just as important as our beauty.

And “YES” we can have both!

~Melissa Marie