Curl that Hair!

Curling your hair is and has been one of the biggest trends. With so many different varieties to choose from. And it’s so much fun. 

Holding your iron on your hair for too long at High heat can cause GREAT damage that is sometimes unrepairable! 😳

Yesterday I had a client come in with extremely damaged hair. She is a regular who I’ve been doing a cut and color on. She uses our products line Sachajuan and seemed to do everything right. I was puzzled and said, “We have to figure out what you are doing so we can repair and get your hair back to health”. After sometime of talking we were discussing how she curled her hair. She told me she thought, The Hotter the Better!
OMG!!!!! She was frying her hair!!! 

This was very untrue Hotter is not better!!! Please use low to medium heat and only hold for 8 to 10 seconds MAX

~Melissa Marie